2011 Distributed Open House

In conjunction with Startup School we're organizing a distributed open house. A bunch of YC-funded startups are having open houses at their offices the day after Startup School, Sunday October 30, from 1 to 4 pm. Drop by and meet the founders of a range of interesting startups, from tiny new ones to established older ones.

Addmired 555 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto.

Aerofs 639 High St, Palo Alto.

Airbnb 99 Rhode Island St, Second Floor, San Francisco.

Comprehend Systems 235 Alma St, Palo Alto.

Dropbox 760 Market St, Suite 1150, San Francisco.

Greplin 300 Brannan St, Suite 501, San Francisco.

Heyzap 251 Kearney St, Third Floor, San Francisco.

Justin.tv/TwitchTV 23 Geary St, Suite 800, San Francisco.

Scribd 539 Bryant St, San Francisco.

Stripe 522 Ramona St, Palo Alto.

WePay 455 Portage Ave, Suite B, Palo Alto.

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