Summer Founders Program Announcements

12 April: Deals Done

We've agreed to fund 9 startups for the summer. There is no formal starting point for the SFP, but please let us know when you arrive in town. Incorporations can start as soon as you're here. Once you're incorporated and have a bank account, we'll give your company a check for the rest of your funding.

The weekly dinners will take place on Tuesdays. The first will be on June 7.

2 April: All Replies Sent

Everyone who applied should now have heard from us. Please let us know if you haven't.

27 March: Applications Closed

The application deadline is now past, and we're reading them all. We got 227 applications, of which we expect to fund 6-10. This means the SFP's acceptance rate will be slightly lower than Harvard Medical School's, so please don't be discouraged if your proposal isn't accepted.

26 March: More Specific Plan for Larger Investments

We've decided we should be more explicit about the vague promise in the SFP description that "if you look promising, we may invest more."

Here's the plan. Instead of investing $6000n, we'll invest $10,000n in two parts. The first $6000n works as before. The second $4000n investment only happens if both parties want it to. And while we're not making any formal promise, we are going to try our best to make our half of the decision by July 20, so that if you need to find other sources of money, you don't have to do it at the last moment.

Since you don't have to take the second chunk of money unless you want to, this is a proper superset of our original proposal. I.e., we're not changing the rules on you.

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