RFS 8: Ephemeralization Apps

Apps running on tablets are going to replace a surprising amount of existing technology. This is already clear in the cases of cameras, GPSes, and so on. The surprising thing will be how far this pattern spreads.

The word "replace" should not be taken too literally. In fact, some of the most ingenious things that get built on tablets will be those that "replace" something in an unexpected sense. So the question to ask is not "what can we replace with an app running on a tablet?" but a more general one: "what can we save people from having to do with an app running on a tablet?"

For the next several years that will be a recipe for new startups. The tablet app need not necessarily be the thing that makes all the money. It need only be what gets the startup a foothold with users.

(Note: This RFS is effectively a heuristic for generating ideas for RFS 6.)

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